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Strategic Planning with the team

Strategic Planning Advisory

Feel empowered to enhance business processes, finances, and work-life balance with our strategic planning advisory.

Empowering Business Owners to Work More Strategically

You started your business dreaming of having a flexible schedule, working with your ideal clients, and having a work-life balance. Now you are putting in too many hours, working with clients that don’t value you, and have lost sight of why you started your business. To change direction, you must fully understand the current situation of your business and consider the different decisions you can make to reach your goals. 


How confident are you with answering these questions?

  • Can your business processes be improved?

  • What story do your finances tell about you? 

  • Are your services/products priced properly?  


If it is anything less than 100% then our Strategic Planning Advisory can make managing your business less challenging. After 3 hours of one-on-one advising, you will feel realigned with your business by realizing where it stands and where you envision it, setting realistic quarterly S.M.A.R.T goals, and determining action plans. Are you ready to learn how to implement financial and operational strategies in your business for its growth and success?


Take the next step in building a stronger business strategy.

What Is Our SPA?

Our Strategic Planning Advisory consists of 3 hours of one-on-one advising and 2 one-hour accountability calls spread over 2 months.


You can expect to:

  • Define your short- and long-term goals
    ​We do not only mean general goals such as earning a certain amount of revenue in a period. We will consider what you want to offer your clients and the business and lifestyle you aspire to have.​

  • Identify your challenges.
    We will determine what prevents you from taking your business to the next level and the risks you should address.

  • Develop a strategic plan.
    Every business is unique, so we take a holistic approach to develop a customized plan that works specifically for your business.

  • Be held accountable.
    We want you to get results. That's why we will have 2 accountability calls to ensure you implement the strategy and stay on the right track.

What Will You Walk Away With from the SPA?

You will get the initial tools and insights you need to grow your business and achieve your goals! With our guidance, you'll have a clear action plan that you can implement immediately and in the long term, along with Key Performance Indicators to monitor your progress. Plus, you'll get a summary of our discussions and agreed-upon strategies, giving you the confidence to move forward.


Payment Plans

Pay Upfront & Book Immediately

$5700 for coaching (single payment)
$500* for accounting (per month)

Pay in 3 Installments & Book After Payment #2

$1900 for coaching (per month for 3 months)
$500* for accounting (per month)


You can always upgrade to our Fractional CFO & Business Advisory solution which includes financial analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and more.

Seeking valuable insights, guidance, and a clearer understanding of how our strategic planning advisory can transform your business? Look no further!

Book an introductory call with us to gather all the information you need and explore how our services can truly benefit your business.

Lydia Desnoyers
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