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About Lydia Desnoyers and The Premium Profit®

Lydia Desnoyers,CPA, CFE 

Lydia Desnoyers founded her first business - DesCPA Business Advisory - in 2010. Back then, Lydia did mostly bookkeeping and tax preparation for small businesses. But as her business grew, she realized that entrepreneurs need help with strategy, profitability, and growth. But not everyone is in the position to have a Business Advisor.

Lydia's first company evolved and tailored its services for mid-sized businesses and law firms. However, her passion for helping small businesses still lives, so she created The Premium Profit® to continue supporting them.


About The Premium Profit®

The Premium Profit® provides self-paced online courses and digital products for small businesses, law firms, and CPAs. Our goal is to help you get the knowledge and tools to grow and become so efficient that your business can run itself.


Your ideal business delivers consistent results and allows you to take a step back and relax without you having to wear all hats. We want to get you there - where you can finally work with Advisors like DesCPA Business Advisory and stay at the top of your game.

Why Work With Us?

As an entrepreneur: Lydia implemented strategies to start a business, buy a business, grow a business, sell a business, start another business, strategize to evolve her business, grow her team, and more. She had to go through trial and error, but you do not have to, because we will empower you to implement the strategies that work.


As a CPA: She has worked with many businesses and understands the differences between successful entrepreneurs and those that fail.


As an auditor working in a corporation: She learned how big corporations do things and identified ways to implement those strategies in her small business. Being a small business does not mean you cannot operate like a large business.


Let us guide you to avoid having to go through trial and error as most entrepreneurs do. You don’t need 6 years of corporate experience and 12 years of business experience. You only need 6 weeks with us, and you will be on your way to having a successful business.

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