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Are our solutions right for you? Here is the social proof.

Check out these testimonials where our clients share how we have impacted their businesses and lives.

"I feel like I wouldn’t have evolved as a woman and a business owner without the help that Lydia has contributed to my life. I am happy that I made the choice to go with her and I recommend her to everybody else."

- Kaylan Anderson, Small Business Owner

"After my first consultation with Lydia, my mind was blown because all of the sudden there were opportunities that I had not even considered.

I just can’t possibly speak enough about what an important investment this was."

 - Miriam Airington-Fisher, Law Firm Owner

"Lydia gave me tools to build my confidence as a business owner. She helped me in my intake process and hit the nail on the head to define myself and my worth toward my clients. So business has been growing..."

 - Ashton Beck, Law Firm Owner

I'm an attorney growing my business and had various questions. I called other [professionals] who charged me to only speak for 10 minutes but would not, or could not, even try to answer my questions. But [Lydia] was able to answer my questions and guided me in the right direction. I would recommend her because she talks to you straight and is very friendly!

- Joseph N.

Law Firm Owner

I felt excited and open to all of Lydia's recommendations to help my business continue to grow. Lydia was very relatable and made the sessions very comfortable. [I am] motivated, informed, and enlightened [by the goals I've set for the next quarter]. I liked how it felt as [if I was] speaking to a supportive girlfriend...

- Ashton B.

Law Firm Owner

We are approaching our last session. I genuinely appreciate the chats, training, growth, and accountability you provide.  This is one of the best investments I made for [my business] and even more. I am so thankful to have met you… Thank you again for everything.  

- Takeisha S.

CPA Firm Owner

I wanted to position my firm to move from traditional tax and accounting to providing advisory services and after a short time working with Lydia, I am well on my way. I signed my first five-figure business advisory client and it has given me the confidence to revamp my firm for the future.

As our profession is under attack from automation in tax and accounting products to the proliferation of tax preparation companies and individuals, it is imperative to differentiate ourselves as CPAs because the lines are blurred about the unique value that we bring to our clients.


If you are looking to reposition yourself for the future, reach out to Lydia…

- Kenya S.

CPA Firm Owner

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