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Converting Leads to Clients as a Small Law Firm: 4 Tips

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

As a small law firm, converting leads to clients is essential. It isn’t easy to grow and build a solid foundation for your company if you don’t have a strategic sales funnel that supports leads at every step.

Because of its relevance, you must understand and optimize the approach of converting leads to clients. Below, we’ll detail four essential tips your law practice can use that’ll help with this:

1. Act fast

Leads cannot wait long. After one hour, a prospect’s level of interest declines substantially. A study by Harvard Business Review suggests that responding to leads in 60 minutes increases conversions by seven times. However, once this time has passed, they usually turn cold.

Because of this, you need to act fast if lead generation is a goal for your firm. The sooner you respond to the client’s inquiries or needs, the higher the chances they’ll convert into a paying prospect.

2. Qualify all leads

It would also be best to qualify all available leads, as it’ll help reduce the time wasted on low-quality leads. Ideally, you’ll want to categorize potential clients into two segments: Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

The difference between the two is the converting probability. An MQL is higher up the sales funnel. These leads want more information about your service - they visit your website, message you on social media, or call you. In contrast, a SQL is a prospective client that wants a meeting and shows they’re committed to using your services.

Knowing the quality of your leads will allow you to spend more time on prospective clients with a higher probability of converting. One way to qualify these leads is by having a good intake form. Depending on the results, you can determine whether they’re a low or high-quality lead.

3. Maintain lead warmth

Though we’ve mentioned that you must act fast once you’ve generated a lead, some potential clients may not be ready for your service. However, this doesn’t mean you should delete their information and forget about them.

Remember that they have already shown interest. For instance, they may have requested a call on your website. If they communicate they don’t feel ready to move forward on the call yet, DO NOT allow them to get cold. Focus on strategies to keep them warm until they do.

In this circumstance, you could invite them to a face-to-face meeting, share a PDF regarding your service, or send a valuable resource to nurture them further.

4. Use and monitor a sales pipeline

One of the most effective ways of optimizing your process of converting leads to clients for a law firm is by using and monitoring a sales pipeline.

Like any industry, they use these to successfully analyze and overview prospects you’re working with. The same follows for a law firm. This information allows you to search for unique trends and optimize your sales processes.

For example, you may notice that your prospects usually convert once they have a face-to-face meeting. In that case, you’ll want to optimize your sales funnel to push face-to-face meetings to increase lead-to-client conversions.

Ready to convert leads to clients?

After reading the above, you should know four tips for converting leads to clients with a small law firm. How you approach these tips is incredibly important. Achieve this successfully by creating an action plan that’ll help you monitor and optimize the process.

At The Premium Profit, we can help. Our 1:1 coaching program can help you transform your business into a lead-converting organization. For more information on our coaching program schedule an introductory call.

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